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'The moment your heart chose to love each other, you challenged destiny. And it came for you, just like it comes to measure anyone who chooses to love...’

Eighteen years ago, an accident separated Saanjh from Rishav. When fate brings her back to him, she is confronted by a scheming Josephine and her dire obsession to win Rishav at any cost. But is that all that’s keeping Rishav away from Saanjh? Or is there another shadow of fate lurking somewhere between them? Are divine plans really designed around the deepest desires of the human heart? How far can one go to resurrect one’s life, and seek redemption?

When desire deceived love . . . the debt of a sin remained . . .

FIMH Article by Chandreyee Ghose

Newspaper: The Telegraph (T2 - Good Life - BOOKS)

Article (on FIMH) by: Chandreyee Ghose

Date:  August 10, 2013


Main Article: Sexy sirens, a ‘seriously’ spiffy love story and a soppy one


Forever In My Heart by Arindam Dey [Paper Clip Books, Rs 100] is a tale of eternal love between Rishav Agarwal and Saanjh Saxena in the hilly climes of Kullu and Manali. It transcends time, barriers, manipulation and even disease to give the readers a soppy Bollywood saga.

The book starts with an accident, when both Rishav and Saanjh were in school. Thus ends their chance of elopement and puts their romance on hold.

Cut to 18 years ahead. Rishav teaches stage history in Shimla and sees very disturbing images. Saanjh works in a magazine in Calcutta. Both have failed to move on.

Enter Josephine D’Souza, a budding actress with a crush on Rishav. Before you know it, she’s slashed her wrist to be honest to her character on stage! She has to have Rishav at all cost, but only to win a bet.

Back to Saanjh. She suddenly learns that Rishav is still alive and rushes to meet him in Manali. But she is attacked by the driver of her car and falls into the Beas.

Saanjh is rescued and nursed to health by none other than Rishav’s mother. But Rishav fails to recognise his love, thanks to Josephine’s manipulations and forces his mother to drive Saanjh away.

Enter guilt. Josephine feels bad and starts visiting Saanjh in hospital and eventually tries to bring the two together, coming to terms with her own troubled past and realising her love for her classmate Ankit.

But Rishav has a mental disorder. Ultimately love and sacrifice win the day, Josephine becomes an angel while Ankit is left with... well nothing. 


Source (Newspaper): The Telegraph (Kolkata) - August 10, 2013 - T2 - Good Life - Books

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